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Mainland pet food annual sales of 400 billion yuan

Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong, April 22 - The mainland family pet in recent years is increasing rapidly. Pet industry said recently that the pet food market in the Mainland over Europe and North America, but the huge space for development. According to market research firm European Monitoring data show that the pet food market in the Mainland accounted for the proportion of the country's overall gross domestic product (GDP) was only 0.4%, well below the 2% in Japan, Europe 4-5% and 6% in North America. HKTDC 22 introduced, the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce on behalf of the pet industry Liang Shihong said in a seminar organized by the TDC, the number of families in Mainland China currently has at least one or more pets of about 10 million, it is estimated that the number of pet dogs 26800000 cat 10700000, the overall number of pets per year growth in the proportion of 20% annual growth of 10% in the number of pet dogs. Liang Shihong estimated that the pet food market in the Mainland annual total sales reached 40 billion yuan, the growth potential is huge. Pet Supplies category of the current dry food accounted for the largest proportion of overall sales, up to 40%, followed by 16% pet therapy supplies, pet toys accounted for 13%, the rest is wet food, health products and pet grooming products.

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