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Chinese pet food trends

Pet concept since the 1990s has been the rise in China, after nearly two decades of rapid development, and now, pet care teams are working in various cities of our country growing, with the acceleration of the urbanization process and the concept of national life changes,people's consumption concept and emotional sustenance diversified development. Pet care has become a civilian population of the fashion craze, is no longer a privilege of the rich.
Big prospects for creating new industries
According to statistics, only the number of pet dogs in China has reached more than 100 million, and was fast increasing trend every year, the survey shows that only a city, in 2010 the number of certified dogs have more than 900,000, the number of unlicensed dogs more certificate dogs 4 to 5 times. The number of pet cats is also very large. The number of pets in the past 10 years has increased by five times the amount of domestic pet consumer market in 2010 exceeded 40 billion yuan. Thus, the pet industry in China is rapidly grown into an important part of the urban economy.
Difficult to see that the pet food market in China has great potential. International well-known pet food brands, such as France Royal, Mars, Nestle have been pouring into the Chinese market, stationed in China's developed coastal cities, investment and joint production of pet food and domestic enterprises. China's pet industry despite a late start, and compared to some of the world veteran of the pet food industry is still in its infancy. But the resulting prospects for industrial development is very wide, was undoubtedly the most important aspects of the needs of the pet food.

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