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Dogs like to hold the position

Can hold dog also used to teach me? Our answer is yes, if you hold than to make the dog feel uncomfortable, or even cause it pain, can easily lead to resentment of its owner, do not want to be close to people, even telling anyone running this for future breeding and training are unfavorable.

    We can not be like carrying a child on his back towards the world hold the dog, because almost all of the animals are not willing to be exposed to relatively weak stomach, instincts, we should respect it. There can never catch pulled the dog's tail, ears and even the skin of the back, these parts are sensitive dog will make it very uncomfortable.

    Puppies should not be easily grip the skin of the neck, the old saying is the skin of the neck of the dog is dead skin, the real is not the case, this grasping method is only suitable for a very short time so that the dog can not resist a long time cause choking and vomiting.

    Born not long puppy properly hold his hands together on the one hand its chest, one hand hips. The breast care hand fingers apart grip puppies two front legs, two arms puppy clamping it feel the warmth and sense of security.

    For medium-sized dog, bent an arm, let the dog sat on it, and then the other arm around it.

    For large dogs, due to special reasons have to hold it, (Some dogs are simply too heavy, you hold it may not walk!) Not holding the abdomen, four-legged vacant, it was very uneasy. Arms around its four legs hold the rope, holding the thigh, doing so can avoid it too much struggle.

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