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Puppy vaccination immune reasons for the failure

Eliminate the dogs body odor
    Dog smell is a very common phenomenon, and the majority of people are like dogs do not mind the taste of the dog. But if the dog smell too heavy, or dog who smell children, not so good. Here to tell you some of the ways to reduce dog appreciate, we can try.

Here are some ways to reduce dog taste:

    1 dog ass taste: mainly refers to dog anal gland taste, regular cleaning of the dog's anal glands, will also reduce the taste of dog ass, but not too frequently, once a month on it .

    (2) dog excretion issues: training the dog is not in the living room excretion, but also considerably reduced the taste of dog. After all, than dog's Smelly and NN taste, even if the dog smelled is negligible.

    3. Reasonable dog a bath: regular, reasonable to give the dog a bath can effectively reduce the dog's body odor, usually 1-2 times per month in winter, summer once a week. Not too often give the dog a bath, that would hurt the dog skin, yo.

    Dog oral taste: long-term dog eat squishy food to the dogs, the owner is not often brush your teeth, it is easy to form tartar, let the dog smell stinky mouth. Food should be fed less squishy avoid dog teeth stick things to the dogs but also regular brushing can help the dog maintain oral hygiene to reduce the taste dogs.

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